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About Us

Nuu Theatre is a theatre company (shocking, I know) that specialises in artist devleopment & producing new work with theatre makers under 26.

Out projects aim to bring young people to the forefront of the Theatre industry, rather than the typical side project. We’re here to make great work, have fun, and look good doing it too!


Our History

Nuu Theatre was founded in 2015 under its former name, Devisenberg, at The BRIT School as part of their springboard season. 
The founders: Antonio Waite, Ben Quashie, Khai Shaw, Phill Brewer, Sukey Willis & Will Bass, also the original cast of 'Blazers' decided they wanted to make theatre that held a magnifying glass to the overlooked, seemingly less interesting parts of life. This philosophy still exists today in Nuu's original devised work.

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What To Expect

We help early career theatre makers through our Productions, Workshops & Projects. We describe our work as 80% professional, 20% participatory as we aim for every person we work with to gain somehting more than just a credit when they work with us.

We also don’t just want to make our own work! Through our "Independent Productions" we help 2 promising projects each year through a mixture of financial & producing support.
Our productions dont have a specific style - we work on devised work, new writing, & physical theatre; dark comedies, dramas, & epics; naturalistic, brechtian, & experimental work; anything as long as it's new!

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How We Operate

Nuu theatre are a Community Interest Company which means that all our profits are reinvested back into our work so we can continue making as many opportunities as possible!

We don’t just work with performers either! We want to collaborate with Directors, Writers, Producers, Movement Directors, Dramaturgs, Choreographers, Designers, Facilitators, Photographers, Videographers and everyone else that makes theatre happen!


Core Team

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Artistic Director

Ben Quashie

Ben is our tallest Co-founder & Artistic Director as well as a Producer & Director from Croydon. He produces for the Royal Court’s Participation team, is Assistant Producer for English Touring Theatre, & the Boris Karloff Trainee Assistant Director on TWENTY TWENTY at the Young Vic. Ben has dedicated his career to being a helping hand to those at the beginning of their journey into theatre by providing the same, ideally better, opportunities he was lucky enough to recieve.
He can be found at various gigs in London or in red & blue at Selhurst Park.

Find out more by listening to his 35 min interview with Nadia Fall on the Stratford East Podcast


Trustee Board

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Chair of the Board

Ruth Scott

Ruth is the Chair of our Board and ensures the smooth running of Nuu's governance. With a background in ballet and physical theatre she now works with the healthy relationships charity Tender using applied theatre to tackle gender-based violence. In her spare time, she volunteers with Angel Shed as a practitioner supporting their inclusive theatre scheme for young people in Islington.
Ruth is keen for theatre and the arts to be as inclusive and accessible as possible for young people from all walks of life.

Feedback on our 2021-24 Business Plan

We want to excerisize our commitment to our audience by allowing you to suggest changes or highlight parts of our proposed business plan starting in the next financial year.
This is a live document that will change periodically.