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Written and Performed by Azan Ahmed

Two Magpies Productions in association with Bush Theatre. Originally developed by Nuu Theatre

09 Oct - 09 Nov 24

Bush Theatre, W12 8LJ
Runtime: 1 hour - Tickets from £15

Show Info

“He grew up to be a man whose sighs and slumps replaced sentences. Is that gonna be me?

Days after his father’s passing, English teacher Yusuf discovers a dusty mixtape that changes everything he knew about a man who barely spoke.

Turns out, Mustafa spent the 90s rapping about pretty girls and Kilburn life, plotting dreams of superstardom with his best friend Omar. How did this passionate wordsmith become a silent statue?

Yusuf’s mourning is overtaken by a journey into the past. Threaded together by Omar’s thumping beats and his father’s bars, Yusuf uncovers secrets that turn his world upside-down.

Witty, honest, and deeply moving, Statues is a lyrical love letter to the original code switchers, exploring the impact of loss, and what you can gain from it. Written and performed by award-winning playwright Azan Ahmed (Deen & Dunya, The Father and the Assassin).

Cast & Creative Team

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Hear from the creative team: Azan, Esme & Jonny about what STATUES is, how it came to be, what to expect & what they got up to in the research & development funded by Barbican Open Labs

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