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24hr Theatre

When a group of actors and directors assemble in one rehearsal room for 24 hours to challenge themselves and collaborate with each other, they can create some epic theatre...and fast!

24hr Theatre is the perfect creative cleanse whether you've hit a block or just need a restart. Meet other theatre makers, experiment with new ideas and have fun!

The project will involves a workshop on devising theatre followed by an afternoon session of devising. The following day there's a morning session of devising, followed by a quick tech rehearsal with a performance in the evening.

This is the only practical networking event in London (that we know of)! 

Next Event: Coming sooner than you think...

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May 11th-12th 2019

Every day we journey, whether near or far, public or personal, pilgrimage or post-office run; life is a series of journeys which all have a story to be told...

In partnership with Jacksons Lane



February 2017

From Brexit to Bowie, terror to Trump, 2016 was pretty much a write off... so lets find out what society is thinking.

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